Infinity's Kitchen is an experimental literary journal, online and in print. We publish work that results from new recipes, or from existing recipes that have been compellingly redefined.

Submission Guidelines

  • What is experimental about your creative work or process? In any kitchen, it is just as important to know about the recipe and the ingredients as it is to enjoy the results.
  • Please only include one work per submission. A single work may need to include multiple files, which is fine, but please do not include multiple works within a submission. Instead, please use multiple submissions to send multiple works.
  •  Images must be high resolution, 300dpi or higher. Low resolution images cannot be accepted. (why?)
  • Your work will be considered either for publication in print, online at, or both. The rights to your work will remain your own. We cannot offer monetary compensation at this time.
  • Please choose a category below that comes closest to describing your work. This will help us respond to you more quickly.
  • Yes we do consider simultaneous submissions and previously published work.

On our website, we seek to publish works that cannot be published in print. This includes experimental music, net art, video art, nonlinear literature, fluxus scores, and performance art. We're most interested in publishing original work, but we're also willing to blog about previously published work.

Please review the following before you submit:

We're interested in informed commentary. Feel free to submit either a proposal, extract, or an entire work of criticism, discussion, manifesto, commentary, column or review.

  • If this work includes illustrations or other supplementary items, there's no need to submit those as a separate work. Please include the files (large, high-resolution) along with your submission. You may wish to attach a .zip file containing all of the files related to your submission.
  • We prefer the MLA style for citations and works cited.
  • Please review the following before you submit:

We're interested in fiction and other forms of narrative that are difficult to classify, but here are some classifications for example: constraint writing, text generation experiments, conceptual writing, narrative that employs appropriated text, etc. We are not interested in genre fiction, unless it exemplifies a radical departure from the genre. Please familiarize yourself with the size of our printed publication. Longer works may need to be excerpted in print and published in their entirety, online.

Please review the following before you submit:

We like all sorts of imagery: visual poetry, asemic writing, video, sculpture, illustration, collage, photography, experimental typography or graphic design


  • If you are submitting more than one work, please send separate submissions. Please do not attach multiple works to a single submission, even if they are all in a single file. Please also be sure to fill in all of the form fields, each time. This way we'll have your information no matter which work(s) we accept.
  • Low resolution images cannot be accepted. (If you don't understand this requirement, please read about what that means and why it matters before you submit.)

Your work will be considered either for publication in print or online at, or both. The rights to your work will remain your own. We cannot offer monetary compensation at this time but if your work is published in the print edition, you will receive a contributor's copy.

The Infinity’s Kitchen Late Show is a quarterly event that highlights new and innovative literary art. The readings are performed in Baltimore, Maryland. The variety show includes literary readings and performances, and discussions of the artists and their work, all in a format that resembles a late night talk show. Look out: there may be gags! This is not an open-mic event but submissions are open.

Please review the work published recently by Infinity's Kitchen before you submit. Preference will be given to submissions of similar work.

Help reinvigorate the Infinity's Kitchen blog. Do you have links to examples of compellingly unusual writing? Perhaps you'd like to share some notes about latest experimental reading? It it fits with what we're about, send us what you've got!

Please write your submission in the format of a blog post. Attachments are good, too.

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